Battle of the Blankets

19147 (1)I have a confession to make, God has called me to a certain action, and I have been pretty much ignoring Him. What is this action you ask? Waking up and giving Him my time before the sun rises. I know, it sounds silly right? Why would you run from God when He asks you to do something as simple as this? The answer is...I don't know... Continue reading

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Free (from) Porn!


With the incredibly large amount of free porn available online (unfortunately I am exposed to this every day in my line of work) the threat to our families is larger than ever and we must take the right steps to protect our families and keep the ones we love, free from porn.

Free porn, it's what we are all here for right? Well, brace yourselves! There will be no free porn here, but we will be discussing the prospect of keeping you and your family free from porn. Let's start with why it is not biblical to be enslaved to porn. Here are a few verses where the bible speaks about porn/idols: Continue reading

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Where is our Focus?

1232I was debating about writing a blog post today on the gift of tongues and how the babbling nonsense that a ton of misguided christian churches use today is complete garbage. Then I remembered something that I can't believe I forgot - It's all about Jesus. A great Pastor friend of mine once said "Don't argue about stupid doctrine that takes your eyes from Jesus. Instead, ask how many times they shared Jesus this week." (paraphrased) Continue reading

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Jonah: A Fearful Prophet of God

jonahI recently preached on the first part of the book of Jonah and came to some startling realizations in my own life. What amazed me about Jonah was the uses that God had for him, even though he was a fugitive running from God. What blew me away was the realization that I am not all the unlike Jonah; in fact, I think that most of us Christians are just like him. You see, Jonah was a man who was a fugitive running from God. He was a man who knew of God and of His sovereignty, yet flew from the presence of God. I know that in my own life, I am a fugitive from God, not always by choice (but sometimes) but a fugitive none the less. Continue reading

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Recently I have been watching the series Smallville, I know, I'm a little late to the game when it comes to the series but I was still really excited at the chance to watch it. I had seen a bit of the show in the past but I have never really sat down and watched the show. I have to say that I am really impressed with the story that is told. At times that special effects where slightly (ahem very) cheesy but it added a certain charm to the series. I haven't finished the series yet so I cannot comment on the overall quality of the show, but I am very excited to see where the series is planning on going. From a Christian standpoint the show gets a pass on content and suitability. While it may not be for younger audiences, and there are moments that make you nervous, it is very entertaining. Continue reading

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